Our commitment to development makes us a reputable company  in the industry. Thanks to the high quality of services, reliability and innovative solutions , we were able to get certificates and awards.  The recognition that we enjoy in the our industry motivates us to the next operations.
  Gepardy Biznesu - this contest is to emerge the fastest growing companies and cooperative banks by an increase in their market value (calculated by reference to the listed companies). In addition, this contest aims to promote Gepardy Biznesu Club members. 

Diamenty Forbesa - our company was on the list of Polish companies, which the quickest increase their market value. AGA-Bauservice received a mention in Forbes Diamonds 2010 in the category of companies with revenue of 5-50 million PLN in the Małopolska region.
The list of Diamenty Forbesa is developed on the basis of the Swiss method of valuation of companies, taking into account both the financial performance and the value of their assets. This method allows to measure the potential, taking into account the size of investments and the ability to increase sales and profits.