SCC Certification

Safety Certificate Contractors (SCC) it  the system safety management  with the health and the environment  for subcontractors.  The aim of establishing SCC it was creating the uniform, objective system for the evaluation of the security policy of subcontractors.

The SCC system covers both individual employees and the company.   The first is trained and certified staff, only then about the appropriate certificate may apply for the company. 

Benefits for the person, who has got a certificate of SCC and the company employing that person:

  • less accident rates,
  • the credibility of a person holding a passport,
  • greater awareness of the risks,
  • reducing costs - less accidents and less liquidation of damages,
  • increasing the market opportunities,
  • better organization of work,
  • professional safety management,
  • credibility in relations between business partners,
  • increased safety by conscious preventive action.