DigiENERGY. What is this?


a control system to hybrid installations


monitoring All measured parameters


reduce of environmental pollution

What is this?

DigiENERGY this is a control system to hybrid installations of renewable energy sources.

DigiENERGY heating controller allows monitoring All measured parameters and measured produced and consumed energy in the heating system. Now all heating equipment such as solar collectors, boilers, heat pumps, can be controlled and regulated by a single appliance.

The End of installing complicated and expensive control systems. Now, one device can control the systems connecting to a few sources of heat and a lot of the heating circuits.

Benefits for the user:

The intuitive menus in English, Polish or German does not require special training.
Finally, there is a controller, which does not require knowledge of the operation of the heating system.
Simply set the the room temperature of the day and the controller will do the rest for the you. The optimally will direct energy where it is needed. The observation of heating costs for a you is possible from anywhere in the world via the Internet.
People with basic knowledge in the field of heating systems, can to influence the energy saving.

Benefits for the installer or serviceman:

For the installer or serviceman are available all parameters to be set. Each building requires you to set your own parameters. Newly built house requires different settings than old building without isolation.  Also, residents have different requirements for heating.
Access to all settings via the Internet, the installer can at any time check the operation of the heating system.

Benefits for the environment:

Optimum adjustment of the heating system to the requirements of the residents can save energy. Thanks of this you can reduces environmental pollution.
Energy saved is the most valuable energy we have available.